Benefits Of Drinking water

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11 Benefits Of Drinking Water 💦

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Did i tell you that 60% of body weight is made up of water?
Oh I guess I forgot…now you know😁. That means more than half of your body weight is composed of water. We lose water from the body through sweat, urine, tears etc and for every water lost, it has to be replaced by drinking. 

Here are some benefits of drinking water

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  • It cleanses your skin and makes it glow: Dehydration will cause dry skin, making you look older than your actual age.
  • Water helps remove toxins from the body: It aids in waste product from kidney and also improves bowel movement, aiding the removal of feces From the body.
  • It prevents kidney stone formation: Increase water intake decreases urine concentration  thereby preventing stone formation.
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  • It Improves your metabolic rate: It helps burn calories and aids faster digestion. The result gets more impressive when cold water is ingested because the body uses more energy to warm the water up to body temperature. Studies have shown that taking water when you feel hungry decreases your appetite; drinking water shortly before meals will make you feel full this will decrease your food intake this is called “mental hunger”. It also aid with faster digestion. 
  • It affects brain function: Studies have shown that dehydration mostly in women after exercise can decrease memory, mood, brain function, and cause fatigue.
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  • It relieves headaches: dehydration is one of the major causes of headache. It can cause fatigue which will eventually lead to  headache. Before you pop the pill find the source.
  • Water helps prevent as well as treats urinary tract infections: hydration helps dilute urine and enables you urinate more frequently thereby aiding the removal of infection from our system.
  • Water increases performance during exercise
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  • It helps regulate the body temperature: During hot temperatures like summer, your body loses water when you sweat. This helps in keeping your body cool and the water has to be replenished.
  • It helps with oxygen circulation in the body.
  • Saliva production: Taking enough water helps in saliva production because it is one of the major components of saliva. It also decreases the risk of tooth decay.

What is the quantity of water that should be ingested per day?

Many nutritionists and clinicians recommend 64 ounces/ 2 liters/ 8 glasses of water daily but this can vary depending on the individual, season, and lifestyle.
Have you noticed that you drink more water during summer/heat than in winter/cold? People who sweat a lot tend to drink more water. Exercise helps you burn calories and expend heat in form of sweat so you need more water if you exercise(and you should👀). Ensure you drink enough water when you feel dehydrated!

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Is there such thing as over-hydration? YES. There is an adage which says that, “too much of everything is bad”. Taking too much of water can lead to an electrolyte imbalance which is called hyponatremia. This is a condition in which sodium becomes very low and it can be deadly. Death from over-hydration, although rare, is possible but it will not be caused by daily 2L of water!



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