The Power Of Influence

While we were growing up I believe there was some advice, instructions, stories our parents told us that has stuck with us until date.  Whether we admit it or not most of this information and advice helped to shape us into who we are. I believe our parents are our number one influencers. They nurtured us, took care of us, and tried to raise us in the best way possible. With influence, you can affect the behaviors, actions, thoughts, and ideas of others. 

Influences can be from friends, parents, mentors, teachers, colleagues, etc. They impact your career and personal life and push you to get better. I had this friend that whenever the person was around, I am motivated to study and do better generally. This person changed my thoughts, mindset, and views about life not by saying anything but by me watching the person. Your ability to influence and inspire people around is one of the important factors of being a great leader. 

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Purpose, determination, and action are very important attributes that influence people.  People tend to look out for results and follow it. The clearer you are about your goal and purpose, the more people look up to you and admire you.

At different stages of our lives, our influences change. When I was little, it was majorly my parents but as I grew older the influence became majorly friends, mentors, and teachers.

Most of these people impact our lives without us knowing. When we meet people, we pick up one thing or the other from them, either consciously or unconsciously.
We can influence people by:

  1. The way we think
  2. The we respond to situations
  3. What we say
  4. Where we go
  5. What we do
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1. Positive: With this kind of influence, you are motivated to help people become the best version of themselves by helping them act differently, see things differently, and work to achieve their set goals. You also see the good in them, correct them when they are doing things wrongly, and give good advice. Long after you have left them, the impact you have made will be lasting and engraved in their heart.  This influence can be Life Transforming. Do your best to be the reason why people want to be better.

2. Negative: This type of influence is self-destructive and focuses on vain things. It can be borne out of rage, pride, wrong advice, or lack of proper upbringing. This can eventually lead to hurting others emotionally, thereby leaving them in a bad shape. Try your very best not to influence people negatively and avoid being influenced by the wrong crowd.

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This is when we learn from people just by observation and people directing us on the right things to do. While we were growing, our parents thought us what was right and wrong and punished us whenever we did anything wrong by them. There must be an awareness that you are learning something.


This is gotten when you stay too long with people that you begin to pick up good or bad behaviors from them even without us knowing. This happens a lot with married couples and close friends. They tend to act like each other because they have stayed too long with each other that they begin to rub off on themselves.


1. Yours: You can be your own influencer by speaking to yourself, correcting yourself, and taking the right steps towards shaping your future. After our parents have done their parts and we leave to face the world, what will the world see?

2. Family and friends: These people play a major part in influencing our lives simply because we spend most of our time with them. There is a possibility to pick up both good and bad habits so try to pick up only the right habits.

3. Outside persons: This includes those we see on social media, people we watch from a distance; probably never have spoken to them before but something about them stood out to us. You never know who you are influencing and the cues people pick up each time they see you. I hope you are choosing the right people as well as displaying the right attitude🤔👀

The main issue is not what you learn but what you do with what you have learned and this will dictate what happens next. Positive influence is paramount. Most times we feel people are not paying attention but they are. Keep instilling the right thing. Believe in what you say we are all able to make a positive influence. Not just children but all of us.

The question now is who are you influencing and who is influencing you?



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    So true Most times we influence people but we wont know. That is why it is good to do the right thing, because u never can know who is watching and learning from you

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      that’s very true. We just need to be the best version of ourselves!!!

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    You won’t know people are watching you till the day they have something to say about you

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