10 Important Health Benefits Of Laughter

10 Health Benefits Of Laughter

I know you want to laugh, just laugh😂. Do you know that laughter helps you relieve stress? Incase you did not know, now you know. Laughter is an expression or appearance of merriment or amusement. Studies have shown that adults laugh an average of 17 times a day while children laugh about 300-400 times a day which means they laugh at least once every 1 to 2 minutes. Laughter could also depend on age, sex, relationship, gender even personality type.Laughter is free and you can decide to laugh right now and no one will arrest you. Laughter is a strong medicine that brings people together and closer. Let’s discuss some health benefits of laughter. 

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4 major things laughter does

  1. Increases endorphin release (it sends dopamine to the brain gives a sense of pleasure and reward).
  2. Decreases stress hormone (Cortisol)
  3. Increases oxygen supply to the brain
  4. Lowers blood pressure

Benefits of laughter

  • The brain releases endorphins which produce a sense of joy and highness (Puts you in a better mood) 🤔.
  • Reduces stress by decreasing stress hormones (cortisol). This makes you feel relaxed and less tensed.
  • Laughter improves the quality of sleep: Research has shown that laughter relaxes the mind and body, thus improving our sleep pattern. This also helps with better memory, recall, focus, learning, and creativity.
  • Helps in muscle exercise and dilation of blood vessels leading to proper blood circulation.
  • Stabilizes your blood pressure and decreases the likelihood of heart disease. Its anti-inflammatory effect protects blood vessels and heart muscles from the effects of heart disease.
  • It makes you productive: Have you noticed that when you are happy, you are more productive, efficient, a better communicator, and a better team player?
  • Makes you look younger: Hmmmm🤔 did you hear that? As you laugh, all 15 muscles of the face work together and increase blood flow to the face. This will make you glow and look extra beautiful. Better make sure you are laughing 😂. I’m watching you👀. Laugh so you will look younger.
  • Laughter boosts your immune system: A regular dose of laughter has been proven to boost the immune system by decreasing stress hormone, thus increasing Antibodies and T-cells which helps the body fight infections.
  • Relieves pain: Have you noticed that each time you laugh, most of your pain goes away; you do not even remember that they are there? That’s because laughter acts as a natural pain killer because of the endorphins being released by the brain, leading to calmness and pain relief.
  • Improves our social life: Laughter attracts people. Have you noticed that people tend to go to where they forget their problems? The happier you are, the more friendly you get and the more attractive you look😘😉. Laughter is contagious and forms a chain reaction that makes everyone around you giggle when you laugh. You cannot help but give in.

Things to do to make you laugh more often

  1. Hang out with friends that make you laugh.
  2. Watch funny videos, comedy shows, and skits.
  3. Take yourself less seriously sometimes. Do not take life too personal. It’s tough most times, yes we know but find time to laugh about the problems.
  4. Dance 💃🏻 💃🏻💃🏻.

When you are in a stressful situation, laugh about it…

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