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11 Tips That Can Help You Become a Better Team Player

11 tips that can help you become a better team player

Most of life’s activities require groups, associations, co-workers, and teams. Life generally entails working with people and that’s one crucial part of life that cannot be neglected. There is a saying that goes thus “no man is an island”. Believe it or not, for you to make it in life, and to attain heights of success, team work is very essential. I have come to understand that working together helps produce results. As a team player, there will be a lot of disagreements while working with your team but on the brighter side, it helps to share knowledge, put ideas together, and work with people whose sole aim is to get a particular job done or attain a certain height.

Team work cuts across our personal lives and extends into businesses, churches, schools and other sectors of life. 

Being a team player might mean you having to do everything or nothing depending on how cooperative your team is but it’s best that you always prepare yourself to do everything to avoid surprises🤣. I tell you, once you get people that you can easily work with, hold on to them.

Tips to be a better team player include:

  • Let others help you: Most times, it’s difficult to ask for help because of fear of humiliation, being looked down on  or being insulted but as I have established, earlier no man is an island and you will be surprised how far a simple suggestion or idea can help. It can also help you build yourself, meet new people, learn from their experiences and improve yourself.

“The whole is other than the sum of the parts.” – Kurt Koffka.

  •  Have Patience: Dealing and working with people can be very difficult because everyone has their own differences. This requires patience and understanding. You have to understand that people learn at different paces.
  • Be flexible: If you have ever worked with a team, you probably know that things can change quickly. In a situation or office where you can take up any role as instructed by your leader, learn to adapt and try not to complain too much. Flexibility allows you to learn more, walk faster and gives you an edge in different sectors. Look at every opportunity as a chance to learn.
  • Learn to engage everyone: Every team has a goal they are working towards and as you work towards that goal, know that everyone is different and ensure to carry everyone along.
  • Reliability: Being a good team player is very important but being reliable is a plus. It means you consistently bring the best quality or performance on the table. That is, when ever you are called upon, you bring good qualities not just qualities that you alone can attest to but something others can speak about even in your absence. “Your work should speak for you”
  • Be positive and spread positivity: Positivity is a mindset which you have to be intentional about.  Being positive does not mean you should be all chatty and laughing and noisy but it can be spread quietly by encouraging others and being open minded. Life in general has pitfalls. When you get to those bridges, how do you respond? With rage or with positive vibes? One thing is positivity might not work all the time but you can try to make it work. When you intentionally want to stay positive, you will see failure as a setback that shouldn’t be dwelt on.
  • Be Time conscious: Try to meet the deadline and do not make people frustrated because they are working with you. KEEP TO TIME. If you say 10am, be there by 10am!!!
  • Be humble and respectful: See people in your team as family and treat them as such. Be courteous, polite, considerate and approachable. Do not confuse humility with lack of confidence. Be confident in your self and do not let anyone bully you. Also, try not to make others feel less because you know much. Be teachable. Have a sense of humor and know when to have fun and when to be serious “Remember: there is time for everything”
  • Be open minded: If you have walked with people, you will understand that plans can change and people can withdraw in the process. All these changes can be really frustrating and discouraging but learn to accept that anything can happen. While some can be avoided, most of them are unavoidable. Learn to accept correction.
  • Be a good communicator: It’s very easy to get misunderstood and it is impossible to work together as a team if the members do not fully understand one another. Communication skills are very important while working as a team. The most important communication skill is knowing how to give thoughtful, constructive criticism. While criticizing, if you’re not careful, the person on the receiving end may view it as a personal attack. Being a good communicator also means you know when to stay silent.
  • Accountability: Learn to take responsibility for your actions and mistakes. Try not to push the blame. Work towards seeking for solutions if you made a mistake. Understand that your actions can affect the entire group. Know and respect the people you walk with and understand their personalities. By doing so, you will learn from your errors and earn more respect from your team.

“There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others.” – George Shinn

Be tenacious (determined); know what you want and go for it.

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