Protecting Your Mental Health; Staying Sane

Protecting your mental health; staying sane

Mental health is a condition where you are free from behaviors, thoughts, moods, and feelings that make you mentally unstable this is achieved by creating a healthy balance. They can be long or short lasting. They include Anxiety disorderspanic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, depression, bipolar disorder and other mood disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, sleep disturbances, post-traumatic stress disorder, suicidal thoughts etc. They can affect your ability to relate to others and function each day.

some ways you can protect your mental health include:

  • Talk about it: Talking about your feelings could help you protect your mental health. Sharing the problem with someone is not a sign of weakness; it helps you feel supported and less alone. We all have times when we feel weak, lonely, helpless and broken. Describing your feelings can be hard, but at the end you feel less burdened.
  • Keep in touch: We all love hanging out with friends to chill and relax but sometimes that might not be the case and in rare cases like that, find a way to keep in touch through phone calls, video calls, text messages, chats etc. All these help us stay mentally healthy. Let the lines of communication stay open.


  • Take a break from social media: I know you will say “a lot is going on in the world I cannot afford to stay off social media” but its possible. Most of the things affecting our mental health are due to social media. Social media can be very addictive and once you get used to it, it’s difficult to let go. Studies have shown that social media affects our mental health, mostly ladies. It does this by mainly increasing anxiety and depression.
  • Stay active: I know this part can be really tough but it can help if you try to focus your mind on something else for a bit. Do something that helps you take your mind off the stressor. Exercise, read a book, watch a movie, gist with friends and family, dance, swim “if you have a pool”, play games. All these can help you stay sane. Try not to stay idle for too long.
  • Be optimistic: Staying positive does not mean forgetting or ignoring the issues on ground, instead it means you focus your energy on the positives going on around you and being positive.
  • Watch funny skits: Funny skits? at this time? I know it might be hard to laugh in certain situations but watching or doing something to cheer you up can be really helpful. Laughter helps you stay positive and optimistic. It also helps you through difficult situations like disappointments, and loss. Laughter is contagious. 
  • Avoid excessive drinking, smoking and drugs: All these do not solve the problem. Their effect will eventually wear off leaving you in a worse state of mind. Infact, most of them will even cause more harm than good.
  • Be prayerful: Someone once said “when God holds your hand, anything is possible”. Remember that even in your lowest moments He will stand by you.
  • Support others: Check on other, try to reach out to people. Support those you can support.

Ask for help:

  • Therapy
  • Join a support group to help you make the necessary changes to your life
  • You can also find a counsellor to help you deal with your feelings or make a fresh start


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