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“Just Do It”

"just Do It..."

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Have you ever been in a situation where you made plans and decisions but failed to execute them, simply because your fears look bigger than your dreams?

😔 Has anxiety ever kicked you so bad and made you question your ability to execute your laid down plans that you grew cold feet?, then uncertainty ensues and questions like “how am I sure they will like it?, what if I embarrass myself?, who will support me?” and many more that leave you in the shackle of doubt and a slave to fear. Yeah, that’s very normal. It shows you are human but the thing is you never know whose life you can change with that thing you are scared of doing. 

How will you know if you do not try🤷🏾‍♀️? Guess what! Even the best of the best in your field get cold feet too. Yes! You can read that again. Na me talk am😊

Let’s discuss 5 ways i think you can to overcome your fears i hope it helps. 

1. God first

Sounds cliche yeah? But it really works! A trial will convince you! Let’s not neglect the place of prayer and study of God’s word just to align ourselves with His plans for everything. I believe in the adage “God over everything”. Some bible passages like Joshua 1:9, Isaiah 41:10 and 2 Timothy 1:7, tells us that God is always ready to help; all you need to do is “ask”… So why don’t you ask?🤔He never gave us the spirit of fear but of a sound mind. Also, always see yourself as an over comer because that is who you are and no one should tell you less!!!!;

2. Get the right information and listen to other peoples story: 

People tend to forget this part🤦🏾‍♀️. Ignorance is really a disease. Learn the ups and downs of whatever you are trying to engage in. Learn other people’s strategies; it will help you build on your dreams; that way, you won’t have to start from the scratch; just fix their mistakes and make yours better from their experiences. Periodt! You never saw it this way right? I’m your plug😉

Listen to other’s story to avoid repeating their mistakes. I remember hearing people say that anyone who asks questions can hardly miss his destination. I held unto it and it really helped. With more information and knowledge in what you are dealing with, you boost your confidence and get better insight. So will you research on that thing now? I’m talking to you and you know yourself 👀

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3. Proper planning:

Make plans on what exactly you want to achieve. Be you and be determined and intentional about it. If possible, assign people that will keep you on your toes, encourage you and lead you. Mentorship can also help. While planning, listen to advices; sieve out those you need. Be innovative/ be unique about it! Try to keep positive vibes only!

4. Just do it 

Quit procrastination! If you know what you want, go for it. Get into the actual work you cannot just speak it or think it into existence. Do something about it. Keep your eyes on the prize. There might be discouragements and failures on the way especially at the early stages but that’s normal(you didn’t know?🤷🏾‍♀️). With practice, diligence, perseverance and consistency(PDP and C😊), you will get a lasting life changing result.

Remember that failing does not mean you are a failure, it could mean that something went wrong which has to be fixed. Most times success is a by-product of  failing. Failure is when you refuse to see the lesson embedded in what you have done and learning to do better there by remaining there.


5. Believe in yourself and your dream:

You are the best; you are strong and you can do this! Tell yourself this every day to boost your confidence 💪🏾

Now try to relax don’t be too tensed up about it…. Everything will be just fine❤️

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      Thanks dear for this wonderful quotes.

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        and thanks for reading

  2. Rukky says:

    This was very helpful and to others reading I totally agree with this post.
    Like she said it sounds Cliche but God first and you won’t go wrong. Learn from the mistakes of others and try to do better. My prayer is everyone grows to that point where he or she is able to mentor the generation coming.

    1. judith_kanu says:

      Amen o
      thanks dear

  3. Very informative dear..thank you…One thing that stood out to me was ‘ask questions’..totally something i should work on..Thank you for this piece

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      you are welcome dear
      I’m glad you learned something
      thanks for reading also

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      I’m also working on asking questions too

  4. Wao!! It actually thought and boost my reasoning, it’s quite encouraging, thanks .

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      you are welcome dear… I’m glad it helped

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    Am blessed by your article. More grace.

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    Nice article

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