Ways To Live a Happier and Healthy Life

A lot of factors play a role in our day to day life. All these factors go ahead to determine how we live our lives and how much fulfillment we get.

The way we live our lives differ and the way we achieve happiness will also differ for everyone. For me, it’s being careful not to let negativity and evil thoughts creep in and guarding my mental health. For you, it could be being at peace with who you are and accepting and loving others Or living your dreams. Nevertheless, living a healthy and happy life is possible and achievable.


Below are a few habits that can help you live a healthy and happy life.

1. Take a deep breath:

Deep breaths have been shown to slow the heart rate, and lower your body’s cortisol levels (the main stress hormone) which generally decreases your stress level.

2. Smile and laugh more often:

Laughing makes you look more attractive, more relaxed and happier. It also lowers your blood pressure and heart rate, relieves stress, and serves as a natural pain reliever. It helps you sleep better. Not only that, it’s also contagious so laugh more.

3. Listen to music

Listening to music stimulates almost every area of the brain. Research has shown that Music can boost and improve our mood. It can improve your physical and emotional health. Another study showed that music may provide means to reduce social stress and manage anger.

4. Drink more water

Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day helps all your body’s organs and cells work better.

  • It cleanses your skin and makes it glow
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Prevents kidney stone formation
  • Helps burn calories and aids faster digestion.

5. Drink less soda

Soda contains lots of sugar which is not good for a person’s health. Too much intake can lead to  weight gain, diabetes, and cardiovascular conditions. Cutting down on soda can help you lose weight and protect your liver and kidneys from damage.

6. Plan, organize and prioritize.

We all know our most functional time of the day. Mines is early in the morning; my friends is at night. Understanding this will help you take advantage of this times and make the most out of it. Do the most draining activities when you feel most refreshed and do the rest as you get fagged out.

7. Learn to Forgive people

When people offend us, it’s usually hard sometimes to forgive but it’s important to learn to forgive not just for the person but also for yourself. When you forgive people, you are able to sleep well at night, live a long peaceful life and feel less depressed.

8. Silence the negative voices; speak the right words (self-talk)

Negative words can take our mood from 100 to 0 in just a second. Words, either thought of or spoken can be very powerful.

Negative thoughts, attitudes, feelings, and words can make us feel down and unmotivated.  It can causes a decrease in the hormones responsible for happiness (dopamine, serotonin, endorphin and oxytocin).

9. Learn to give Compliment:

Giving genuine compliments is an attribute of a good leader. It helps us recognize good behaviors and  reinforce them. It also attracts positive energy and vibe. Give compliments only when it is deserved.

10. Learn to celebrate others successes:

I know it might be hard sometimes to be happy for others when they are succeeding especially when we feel stuck but we have to learn to celebrate others and be happy for them. That way, we invite more blessings and live a peaceful life.

11. Eat fruits and vegetables:

Fruits are a great source of vitamins and minerals, and they are high in fiber. The fiber content aids digestion. Fruits and vegetables decrease our risk of developing heart disease, cancer, as well as help control our blood pressure.

12. Always ensure you have a fruitful day:

We all have plans or set goals on what we want to achieve. Ensure that each day you work towards achieving these plans. Do you have any skill you want to improve on, work on it. Do something that makes you happy. Ensure that you do not just pass through life but also enjoy it.

13. Spend some time out in nature

Exposure to nature has been shown to decrease the risk of depression, anxiety, and ADHD. It also improves memory, decreases blood pressure and boosts our immune system

14. Wash your face every night/ Stick with a facial routine:

As we go about our daily activities, our body accumulates dirt. Try to wash your face every night to get rid of the dirt, oil and debris. This will help prevent and control acne and other skin problems making you look hot and fresh.

15. Avoid news overload:

The news is an important way to stay in touch with the ongoings around us. It can be educational, entertaining and uplifting. In as much as it is to keep us informed, some of them can be too bad that they cause harm and mental breakdown. Try to avoid those.

16. Embrace setbacks:

Understand that setbacks are part of life’s challenges and how you handle it will determine how far you will go. Your plans won’t always go as you picture it to but understand that things will work out at the right time.

17. Be careful about the company you keep

Ensure you spend time with the right people. People that will bring joy, positivity and make you feel excited. Avoid people that will drain you by speaking only negativity or complaining a lot.

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