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“6 Important Things To Do While You Wait”

6 important things to do while you wait

While we all had dreams, goals, and a set timeline to achieve them, most times we do not achieve them at the time we plan to due to Unforeseen Circumstances, failed plans, and lack of proper planning. Waiting can be difficult and extremely frustrating. It makes you question your credibility leading to doubt, discouragement, and losing hope in your set plans. Here, we will discuss some important things you have to do while you wait.

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We usually start out with very great plans and a very clear picture of where exactly we are headed but these dreams and plans can be halted by obstacles like Hostility from friends and family, distractions, skepticism, lots of No’s, closed doors, spiritual dryness, and wrong decisions.

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon. Some people are wealthy while the others have to work towards acquiring their own wealth. Waiting is one thing that both the poor and the rich must have experienced at some point. Waiting teaches us patience and it is also a time of reflection when you think and access your life. In as much as waiting might look as if your plan has been shattered or destroyed, you can always do something within that time. You do not have to spend that time crying over spilled milk but make the best out of the time you have.

5 reasons why you wait

  1. For growth (You might not be ready yet).
  2. It might not be your turn or time yet.
  3. To put you on the right path (rerouting you).
  4. To protect you from dangers ahead.
  5. There is probably something better in store for you.

some Things you should do while you wait include:

First, let’s establish the fact that our time of waiting differs. I know we have heard this a lot of times and you are still frustrated while waiting for your time to come so let’s discuss a few things we can do to make the best out of this season.

1. Stay Focused: We have already established that our waiting seasons differ, and comparing your timing with someone else’s timing will rob you of your joy. Stay focused on your path and remember every day takes you one step closer to your set goals.

2. Remain prayerful: In as much as most times we feel we can do things by ourselves, prayer is one important thing that must not be neglected. It builds your faith, strengthens you spiritually, gives you peace and calmness during your waiting period. God does not need a lot from you; just that little faith. Believe in God more than your circumstance, he has the PERFECT PLAN in place.a

3. Get ready: There is always something you are supposed to be doing at every season of your life. They might not be exactly what you planned to be doing but those little things might be the building block to the path you are destined to take. Learn skills, practice, be better. I tell my self If I have to wait for this long for something, then I have to make it worth the wait!!! Get ready when the door finally opens, you enter in grand style. Try not to push the door open before time. If there is anything you have to do to be “more ready”, just do it. See waiting as preparation for the blessing ahead.

4. Enjoy the journey: We might become sad because things did not go exactly as planned but what if there is a better plan? Enjoy every phase and step of the journey. Even as you prepare, have fun to enjoy the season. Learn something in every season you find yourself. It is not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when”.

5. Stay mentally active: Brain activity decreases as we age. This is one thing we dread so much. Studies have shown that being mentally active slows this process. Stimulating activities like puzzles, drawing, adequate sleep, reading, and continuous learning will help keep our mind active.

6. Always remember that you are not alone: Knowing you are not alone can make you feel better, motivated, and less frustrated. It might interest you to know that we are all waiting or expecting something. We might not be waiting for exactly the same thing but we are still expectant.

…Waiting feels longer if you focus in the time. KEEP YOURSELF BUSY…

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  1. Princessvik Chinenye Ayogu says:

    Beautiful one. At his time, he (God) will perfect everything that concerns us

    1. judith_kanu says:

      thanks for stopping by

  2. Amarachi says:

    Excellent! Bravo!! Being focused and exercising Faith is the key while we wait.

    1. judith_kanu says:

      yes, my dear…
      very important

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