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7 things to do when you feel stuck

Have you ever been in that situation where you feel like nothing is moving forward?

Do you probably feel like you are walking around in circles?

Are there times when you feel like “I should have gone beyond this level”? And you try really hard and put in the best effort but it feels like regardless of what you do, you are still at the same spot?

We have all felt that way at some point!!!

Feeling stuck simply means “lack of movement” but to surprise you, even when you feel like you are stuck you are actually moving forward but not in the direction you planned. You see, we have a mental picture of what we want to achieve, and when things aren’t going exactly the way we plan, then we feel stuck. It also means you are trapped in a situation that you cannot change.

Being in a position where nothing seems to be moving forward can be really frustrating and it can lead to depression and anxiety.

In what ways can a person be stuck?

You can be stuck

  • In the past
  • Due to procrastination
  • In your thoughts(when you feel a need for change)
  • Because of fear
  • Because of excuses
  • In your skills (e.g. writer’s block)

We all want to move forward but situations like these, most times are inevitable. Rather than complain and form a pity party, how do we make these seasons become memorable and learn great lessons from them?

Things to do when you are stuck

1. Get rid of negative thoughts:

We all have negative thoughts and most times they are very difficult to control. These thoughts can be destructive if not put in check. The best thing to do is to take practical steps to get rid of them or control them. They may not completely go away but you will gain control of them. A few things we can do to control our thoughts are:

  • Replace the Negative Thoughts
  • Try to think about the things you love and appreciate
  • It could also help if you can count your blessings and be grateful for them.
  • Channel these thoughts into something more productive
  • Meditate
  • Positive affirmation
  • You can listen to something motivational

thNegative thinking patterns can make it more difficult to deal with health problems.

Try not to overthink things. You might feel stuck simply because you are always overthinking and worrying too much. 


2. Always search for other opportunities:

The fact that things didn’t work out as planned doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t explore other options or opportunities. We are people with great skills and potentials which should be harnessed. Always explore other options.

Look for opportunities. Explore your hobbies. Check for jobs or ways to utilize your skills and stay active. You’re not expected to be in one job until the end. It might not be “the perfect opportunity”, but it might transform your life if only you can make incremental moves to explore that option.

3. Speak to someone who you think is NOT stuck:

What are they doing that you are not? How did they get through this phase I’m stuck in? How did they create so many opportunities in their lives?

Ask some questions. Get some advice from them. Watch out for patterns that might cue you in on the things they are doing or the things they did. You do not have to copy everything exactly but watching others can challenge you to up your game as well as show you things you are doing wrongly.

Note: You cannot control everything. There are things you just have to let go of.

4. Feeling stuck might mean that it’s time for a change.

Change, most times is dreaded. It might yield positive results at the end but a lot of times we do not want to change the patterns we are used to. Change can create a new energy, and change your perspective to life. You might not know what to expect. In as much as that is the case, change can make you more flexible, more understanding, and equips you for the future. It can also encourage you to progress and drive you to keep pushing forward.

If you feel stuck, it means that something is not working for you anymore. It could be your job, your relationship, your friends or things you used to enjoy doing. If you feel stuck in it, it might probably mean it’s time for a change.

And next time, don’t wait until you feel completely stuck in life to make that big step and move forward. Watch out!

5. Ensure you take care of yourself:

When we are too stressed, it might be difficult to think clearly. The mind and the body function together to make us the people we are. This is called the mind-body connection. When the body is in wreck, the mind might not be able to focus effectively.

If you’re tired, frustrated, or feeling unwell, you might begin to have negative thoughts which might go on to weaken your immune system, cause depression, heart conditions, hypertension, etc. The body and the mind are related, and your brain will think thoughts that it feels are related to your physical feelings. So it’s important that we take care of ourselves.

6. Baby steps:

Most times, we want to move from the bottom of the ladder to the top in just one move. In as much as it is possible, it might not be the case with you. Success requires growth and you have to transition to fit into the next level.  Even the smallest possible step is progress and it counts.

You may think there is nothing substantial you can do or are doing. You don’t need to. Most times, being stuck means rest and rejuvenate. Focus on small steps. They are wonderful events on their own, so enjoy them.

You can start by making a list of small steps you can take to get you closer to your desired goal and do them one after the other.

“A small step toward recovery is giant progress.” ― Mark Cortes

7. Do something you enjoy for relaxation:

This could be taking a walk to clear your head, running, cooking, writing, listening to music, going to the beach, yoga, exercising, hanging out with friends. It can help you get out of your head and stop overthinking. Relaxation is a great way to help you feel refreshed and more open-minded.